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मराठीसाठी वेळ काढा

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Plot measrement -- Can TILR refuse? A revenue problem

Plot measrement -- Can TILR refuse? A revenue problem
Referred for guidance & help by Dr.Anil Joshi Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 4:19 PM
To: Leena Mehendale
Leenaji ...
I know the following subject does not fall directly under your areas of expertise. Still the IAS Officer in you might be of some help....
I have purchased four plots in a survey Number (गट) in Pandharpur.The layout of this survey number has not been sanctioned by the City survey office or Municipal Council. It has been sanctioned by the Tehsildar. I am in the process of developing two of these plots into a residential building.Since this area is in the extended municipal limits I have approached the local municipal council for the sanction of my building plan. I have been given provisional sanction up to plinth level with two conditions.
1.To get these two plots officially measured from the Taluka land record Office.TLR
2.To get these two plots amalgamated into one (since the proposed building uses both these plots to gether) from the TLR .
As per this sanction letter I have approached the TLR office for measuring my plots.Their initial reaction was a flat refusal for doing it & the reason sited by them is that this lay out is not sanctioned by our department. On persisting with the request they now say that I will have to pay the measurement charges for all 50 plots that are there in that survey number ,which amounts to a whopping RS 1,50,000/-.I said I am willing to pay the charges for the plots owned by me but is is unfair to make me pay for the whole survey number.I have not been able to find out the exact procedure to be adapted in the above situation & the TLR office is not willing to show me anything in writting in this matter.
Pl guide me as to what should be the course of action to be taken further.
Leena Mehendale
Sat, Jun 25, 2011 at 7:14 PM
To: "Dr.Anil Joshi"
Dr Joshi, do we know each other? I am not able to recall having met you. However, here is some insight on ur problem --
In a way TILR is partly right as he is showing u the rule. U r partly right because the govt refuses to acknowledge this problem and find a solution. The solution will come when a ref. is made to a sensitive Revenue Secretary by a sensitive District Collector. If they are still Swadheen Kshatriya and Jagadish Patil, u r fortunate and must act quick to get it so referred.
Pl understand this -- U r holding 4 out of many plots of a survey (or Gat ) number, other plots owned by others. If Tahsildar has approved a lay-out, where is its MAP? Secondly, as per RULE, tahsildar will not simply go on tabulating -- "plot 1 area so much", "plot 2 area so much" and so on. He will get a KACHCHA map prepared which he then
sends to TILR for exact mapping and measurement. He sends through collector who is the controlling officer for both. The fee of 1,50,000 in this case is to be paid by original owner who can recover from u proportionately at the time of selling plots.
However, since everyone is in a hurry, via-media solutions are found, which is like saying, "OK, let us paint this circle in the canvass and we will bother about the integrity of the whole canvass design later."
Pl remember that this does not always happen by reasons of corruption, but also by an attitude "ABHI KAM CHALA LO -- Rule poora karne me sarkar ko bahut time lagega."
For your current problem the collector has authority (his discretion) to give a ruling that TILR carries out entire measurement and keeps a BOJHA of proportional payment on every plot. Of course I am assuming correctness of
ur information namely that plot-subdivision and layout is approved by the Tahsildar.
If interested in more theoretical understanding of this problem read my article "JAMABANDICHI SHATAKPOORTI" from my book "Samaj manatil Bimb" by Mouj Publication.

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  1. dear dr anilji i am eager to know wheather your problem with TILR STILL PERSISTS or is solved.kindly reply